A Photo History

The history of the CEE in photographs.

We will update this page as we dig through the archives 🙂


Jaeger and Montgomery at Tony Gnazzo’s Happening at the Global Village, Toronto, 1972. There were chainsaws. There were motorcycles.


Setting up for a walk-in at Carol Sutton’s loft, 1973. The hair is Jim’s. Sigh.


Jaeger and Menuhin in the Camden Street studio, Toronto, 1977. Larry felt we dropped the ball when we didn’t ask him to sit in.


In the studio at York University, Toronto, 1977. We did a six-week teaching residency. Everybody passed.


On tour in Europe at the Vinterhaven Glyptoteket, Copenhagen, 1979. It rained. Inside the dome.


David Jaeger and Yamaha CS60 in rehearsal at Toronto Free Theatre, 1980


Larry Lake works the classic Korg vocoder in the Davies Avenue studio, 1982


Monica Gaylord, Rivka Golani and Marjan Mozetich with Jaeger, Lake and Montgomery at the Holland Festival, De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, 1985




More Holland Festival. Peter Hannon, Claire Hopkinson and Kareen Kieser with the boys on stage and in the bar. 5 concerts in 5 days. Not a lot of sleep. 1985


The trio (Lake, Jaeger, Montgomery), movin’ uptown to Roy Thompson Hall. We were the synth section in Steve Gellman’s Universe Symphony, with Andrew Davis and the Toronto Symphony, 1986


Morton Subotnick, Joan LaBarbara and Erika Duke in rehearsal with the group at the Adelaide Street studio, 1986