New Album! Pass the Track now available on Bandcamp

Pass the Track, the CEE’s newest album, will be available on Bandcamp starting Friday, April 7. 2023. On the first Friday of a month throughout 2023, bands will receive 100% profit from their sales made on the platform – forgoing all fees that would typically be taken out.

In March of 2020. The COVID pandemic was becoming entrenched. As the reality of social isolation and physical distancing set in, we decided to try doing some music while maintaining our isolation. The result: the PtT project. Tracks were recorded by each CEE member, and then passed on to the others. Here’s the order of track creation for each part of the project:

PtT-1: Paul, John, Jim, Rose, David J., David S.
PtT-2: Jim, David S, Rose, David J, John, Paul
PtT-3: David S, Rose, David J, John, Paul, Jim
PtT-4: Rose, Paul, John, Jim, David S, David J.
PtT-5: John, David J, Paul, David S, Jim, Rose
PtT-6: David J, Jim, David S, Paul, Rose, Joh

Please check out the album:

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