Announcing a Residency at CMU

It’s been a loooong time since we posted anything… But that doesn’t mean we’ve been silent! 

We have begun an intense rehearsal schedule in preparation for a 4 day residency at Carnegie Mellon University! While there we will be performing and working with students sharing our techniques on composition, improvisation, synthesis and more.

We are grateful and excited for this opportunity and are looking forward to meeting the faculty and students at CMU!

We will be posting selected tracks from our rehearsals over the next little while. Here’s the first one which is actually the second one from our January 10th rehearsal:

CEE Performing at the Arts & Letters Club March 28, 2017

We are very happy to announce that we will be performing at the Arts & Letters Club Music Salon on March 28, 2017!  Joining us will be the amazing Andréa Tyniec – solo violin, and Jonathan Krehm – Clarinet.

Beginning at 8 PM with Andréa Tyniec, followed by Jonathan Krem at 8:20 and The Canadian Electronic Ensemble at 8:30 it promises to be an amazing evening of diverse works and sounds.

Hope to see you there!

CEE to Perform at The Toronto Sound Festival

We are very happy to announce that we will be performing on September 19 at the Toronto Sound Festival!  We will also be conducting a panel discussion on our method of live electronic instruments along with the instruments we use.

The Toronto Sound Festival is Canada’s premiere 2 day festival of synthesized sound!  There are workshops, talks, vendors, a Synthesizer Petting Zoo, Synthesizers, DIY projects, etc.  The evening concert is free, however, tickets for the two day conference are  available here.

CEE to Perform at Norma Beecroft’s Book Launch

Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015, 4-6pm
Location: The Canadian Music Centre, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto
Admission: Free

Join the Music Gallery’s Artistic Director David Dacks in conversation with Norma Beecroft as she discusses her book and her exchanges with various composers from John Cage, Pierre Schaeffer, and Iannis Xenakis, to her Canadian counterparts including Barry Truax, James Montgomery, and Bill Buxton. The launch event will include an archival exhibit displaying images and news clippings from Beecroft’s career and the Canadian Electronic Ensemble will present a special performance.

July 29th at the Arts & Letters Club, Toronto

Hi everyone – Paul here… just a little recap of how the show went from our perspective.

Unfortunately, John and Rose weren’t able to perform with us this time.  Their cool sounds were missed!

For me personally, this was a big night.  The debut of new additions to my performance rig.  I have begun to use some of the wonderful synthesizers available for the iPad and also started using a new network based MIDI protocol in order to use it to control my soft-synths running on my laptop via a wireless connection.  About a year ago I started learning to play the Chapman Stick and this was my first time using it in a performance.  Yes – I was a bit nervous!

We waited in the bar and started the show from there (a great way to start a show BTW!) using my new iPad setup.  After a few seconds of the audience wondering what was going on (in the recordings you can hear some talking at the beginning), I wandered in trying to play and make sure the audience could see what was going on on my iPad while at the same time trying not to drop it and shatter the screen into a million pieces!  This went well, and the rest of the band along with our guest (Farhad Nargol-O’Neill – Piano & Cello) eventually followed me onto the stage and began to play.

We played 5 completely improvised pieces which were well received by the audience and had a great time.

Follow this link to find some recordings of the event.  Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of distortion at times.  We are reasonably certain that the distortion is as a result of the recording feed coming off of the A&L’s equipment.  It did seem a bit under powered for our style of playing.  This is too bad, because there are some very tasty bits in there and the distortion is very distracting.