The [ Who Starts First] Project

After the high of the CMU residency, we returned to Toronto at the end of February just in time for the Coronavirus crisis. As the reality of social isolation and physical distancing set in, we decided to try doing some music while maintaining our isolation. The result: the [Who Starts First] project. [Who Starts First] is a placeholder until the project is finished; then we’ll take on the question of names. Here’s the order of track creation for each part of the project.

  1. Paul Starts First (completed): Paul, John, Jim, Rose, David J., David S.
  2. Jim Starts First (completed): Jim, David S, Rose, David J, John, Paul
  3. David s Starts First (completed): David S, Rose, David J, John, Paul, Jim
  4. Rose Starts First (completed): Rose, Paul, John, Jim, David S, David J.
  5. John Starts First (completed): John, David J, Paul, David S, Jim, Rose
  6. David J Starts First (to come): David J, Jim, David S, Paul, Rose, John

Here’s a preview of 1. Paul Starts First with visuals by Intrepita (Paul Stillwell). Enjoy.

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